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The Windward King

Coming spring 2021!

Forced to take the place of an abducted prince, a timid shapeshifter must hunt down the kidnapper amidst mounting political tension and the threat of war, all while relying on the one person he knows he can’t trust: himself.


A fantasy trilogy (probably?) about the adventures of an overcaffeinated prince who becomes a superhero and his best friend/bodyguard who Did Not Sign Up for This.

Short Stories

The Inkling

All thief Yeta wants is to attend the Academy, but when her ink dragon suddenly develops a mind of its own, more than her future could be at stake if she can’t get back what it stole.

Ink dragons, airships, and snark.


When a prince’s aura begins to fade, a celestial chariot race could restore his light——or claim his life.

Floating islands in space, glowing horses, forbidden friendship, and the cost of silence.


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