a photo of k.t. ivanrest
Not my real hair. Alas!

Hi, I’m Kate!

As a kid, I held the lofty goal of growing up to become either a cat or a horse. To the immense shock of absolutely no one, neither of these miraculous transformations came to pass. Undeterred, I went for the next-best thing and started writing animal stories instead. Almost immediately, the horses became unicorns and the cats sprouted wings and developed storm powers. It happens, right?

Then came the Lord of the Rings movies, my first introduction to Real Fantasy. Enthralled, I began writing LOTR fanfiction, sewing shirts with giant sleeves, wearing my hair elf-style, and telling anyone who would listen about Viggo’s toe. (Really, it’s a miracle my parents let me out of the house at all.)

I spent my early LOTR phase wanting to be an elf, and it was a long time before I accepted and then embraced that I’m unquestionably a hobbit (with a side of beach obsession; thank you, Michigan). Now I write adult fantasy full of flying stingrays and squirrel-dragons, courage and hope, and powerful friendships. Most importantly, I write about loving yourself as you are—but also loving yourself enough that you dare to be more.

Fun facts:

  • I am the keeper of the family Chex Mix recipe, having inherited this prestigious role from my dad (who inherited it from his mom).
  • I have strabismus, which means I can focus only one eye at a time.
  • I have a mild obsession with manul cats and lynxes.
  • I once wore an Elizabethan-style riding hat to a graduate Latin seminar.
  • I actually like The Phantom Menace.
  • I’m neither an early bird nor a night owl. Sleep in, go to bed early!
  • My favorite movies include A Few Good Men and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.
  • I love boots. A lot.
  • Also bubble tea.
  • And chocolate.
  • I’m Catholic and own WAY too many rosaries.
  • Just kidding; you can never own too many rosaries.
  • I used the same flip phone from 2007 until its tragic death in 2022. I miss it.
  • I am a (mostly) retired cosplayer and a not-retired seamstress. Ask me about my fabric collection.
  • I have a PhD in Classical Studies, which will come in handy when aliens finally make contact and it turns out they speak Latin.

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